4 Seasons Refresh Program

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We can make your turf come back to life after a long Winter nap

This Program is designed to take the guess work out of caring for your turf. We understand that your turf is an investment and you want it looking the best it can for the next Quarter Century.

Hot Summers are no match for ’EverCooL’ technology

You are already aware of the country’s unique climate, and all the issues that comes with it.  We have soaking wet Springs; dry hot Summers; leaf covering Autumns; and snow packed Winters. Our Refresh Team will come out 4 times a year (after each season) and make your turf looks just as good as the first day you walked on it.

EverCooL is a special infill formulated to keep your turf 65% cooler than any other turf on the Market. The infill is packed with millions of sponges that fill up with moisture, either from the morning dew or by misting the turf.  They fill up with water and then they release that moisture over time.

What We Do For You and Your Family

  • Blade Rejuvenation
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Infill Replacement
  • Pet Deodorizer

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How Much Is It

$500 a year with a 3 year commitment.


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