Everblade turf products are made with a nylon core, sourced from recycled petroleum, making it environmentally friendly and able to provide decades of durability.

Yes, turf is very safe for your home and family. Everblade artificial grass products are made from recycled material and have passed all EPA standards.

Everblade turf pros will clear your project area (approximately 2-3 inches deep) to make way for an underlayment which is made from crushed marble and granite. Once that layer is installed & compacted, they’ll attach the turf to that base layer and ensure it is up to grade with the rest of your yard.

In general, turf is hotter than grass but is cooler than concrete. Everblade uses a cooling technology that allows turf to be up to 50% cooler than other turfs on the market. Our Evercool infill acts like millions of tiny sponges that release moisture into the turf throughout the day, keeping it cool for your family and 4-legged family members too.

In most homes, grass is as common as a mailbox. A lawn is just part of owning a home but is grass the best solution? What does it really take to keep that green grass looking great? Homeowners must often use dangerous chemicals like insect or weed killers and fertilizers to maintain natural grass lawns. Grass lawns typically require hundreds of gallons of water per week to maintain. Outdoor water use alone accounts for 80% of total household water use. In essence, homeowners are really pouring money down the drain and wasting a precious resource. Also, by replacing natural grass with turf, you will gain valuable time back as turf requires very little maintenance.

Everblade turf is a long-lasting product. We guarantee Everblade turf products to last for the next 25 years.

Like many home improvement projects, turf can be pricey. However, the benefit of synthetic turf is the ROI (return on investment). The long term benefits far outweight the initial investment. The best way to determine the cost of your home turf project is to have an Everblade Designer come out to measure and give you a free estimate.

Generally speaking, HOA’s love Everblade Turf. With artificial grass, homes in the community always look well manicured. However, each HOA is different so we recommend contacting them prior to your installation.

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